Gagun has over 15 years’ experience in telecommunications and technology spanning a global community of customers. She is recognised as a tenacious and credible leader, committed to coaching and mentoring individuals to success. Gagun is passionate about diversity and inclusion, representing Diversity & Inclusion at an international level. She has numerous articles and webinars  published and appears on panel discussions and events. She has assumed a leadership role in her industry, collaborating with organisations to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion in telecoms and technology.

Gagun first encountered encephalitis when a close family member was diagnosed with HSV1 Encephalitis in 2018. The Encephalitis Society provided invaluable support – both for her and her family. She is passionate about raising awareness about Encephalitis and extending the reach of the charity through her network - so that others in need can benefit as her family continues to from the incredible services provided.

Gagun lives in the Wiltshire countryside with her handsome fiancé and a growing number of dogs, cats and other furred and feathered creatures!

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