Financial Support Statement

As a UK non-profit operating out of the United Kingdom and with a portfolio of global operations we are aware of the varying health and welfare funding in countries around the world.

Whilst some countries provide sufficient resources to take care of the health and welfare needs of their citizens, many do not, either because they are a low to middle-income country or simply because their political policies do not support it.

In turn this can have grave consequences for patients and families experiencing encephalitis. To know that in some countries patients affected by the condition will die or possibly experience avoidable disability is deeply upsetting.

Unfortunately requests for support to Encephalitis International in respect of medical fees far outweigh the funds we have access to. We ourselves do not receive any form of governmental support funding. We would find ourselves in the impossible situation of choosing who to help and who not to help. In addition to this it is not in our lawful charitable objectives to provide financial assistance to individuals in need, wherever they reside in the world.

Therefore we have a policy of not paying medical fees or providing grants to individuals in need.
It is our policy to support patients and families affected by the condition by way of information and other educational resources, as well as providing safe environments in which they can meet others (both in-person and digitally). We also participate in research into the condition and drive awareness of encephalitis around the world in the hopes that our work over time can lessen the consequences of the encephalitis for patients wherever they live in the world.

Page Created: 11 December 2023
Last Modified: 4 January 2024
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