Measles is a highly contagious infection disease that is very easy to catch.  Much like the common cold or COVID-19, it is caught by breathing in droplets from infected people’s breath, sneezes and coughs, as well as touching surfaces droplets have come into contact with. (1)

However, it is much more contagious. One infected person can transmit measles to other nine non-immune (not vaccinated and didn’t have the illness) people. (2) (compared with Covid-19 which can infect 2-3 people after a contact) (3)

Measles virus can live up to two hours in the environment of an infected person after they have left. Anyone can catch measles if they are not vaccinated/or had the illness, however it is more common in young children. (4)

Measles symptoms show up within the first ten days after a person become infected. Infected people can spread measles from four days before to four days after the rash appears.1