"Marion’s life was disrupted in 2010 when encephalitis struck leaving her with memory difficulties.  I really connected with Marion’s poetry – the poems resurrected memories once held but long hidden by the merry-go-round of life, often from over 40 years ago.  I remember the child’s delight upon tasting a ‘real’ cherry when their only experience of cherries were the 1970’s Babycham Maraschino cherry!  In her poem Nativity – I was one of those kids! Other poems in the book were more sombre but nevertheless affecting - The Hide at Minsmere struck a chord deeply with me – the loss of a friend, and Marion tantalises us in Abu Dhabi Airport – a brief encounter, a momentary tale of mystery and desire as two cultures collide.  Of course her book could not be complete without reference to her experience of encephalitis and the impact of that.  These are beautifully captured particularly in Who is this? – describing her illness onset and in Face to Face which I read as an inability to recognise oneself (an issue for many post-encephalitis either literally as a result of prosopagnosia, or the loss of one’s sense of self) – her play with words illustrating reflection"

                                                                                                                       Dr Ava Easton, Encephalitis Society