Dr Meher Lad, Newcastle University

Hearing and listening abilities are related to memory function and this can potentially allow us to monitor memory
function better. We are interested in developing tests that allow this.

This study is conducted online via Zoom and a pair of headphones.

We would like to invite

1. people who have had autoimmune limbic encephalitis more than 6 months ago and

2.people who have not had limbic encephalitis but are interested in participating so that we can compare their
performance to people who have had limbic encephalitis.

We have designed online computer games to examine how memory abilities are related to hearing and listening
abilities. A participant will complete these after a short interview about their encephalitis episode. We will also
conduct a brief test of memory and thinking and a questionnaire about musical experience.

If a participant lives near Newcastle, they will also have the opportunity to take part in an MRI scan of the head. This part is entirely optional.

Participation costs (per session) and reasonable contributions towards travel are provided.

If interested or for queries please email: [email protected]