This book brings together narrative approaches and brain injury rehabilitation, in a manner that fosters an understanding of the natural fit between the two. We live our lives by narratives and stories, and brain injury can affect those narratives at many levels, with far-reaching effects. This book explores ways to create a space for personal stories to emerge and change, whilst balancing theory with practical application. Despite the emphasis of this book on the compatibility of narrative approaches to supporting people following brain injury, it also illustrates the potential for contributing to significant change in the current narratives of brain injury.

Ava Easton, the Encephalitis Society Chief Executive and Karl Atkin, professor at York  University have written the first chapter of this book called "Understanding Narratives: A Beacon of Hope or Pandora's Box". This chapter considers the use of narratives by people who have been affected by neurological illness and disability and, in particular, their naturally occuring, organic generation of narratives rather than those created as part of a therapeutic intervention. The authors would like to thank, and dedicate this chapter to, the members of the Encephalitis Society, without whom this piece of work would not exist.

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