Swansea University

Lead Researcher: Harry Bevan

This study is to look into how a condition, that affects the brain, can affect gaining and maintaining a job. The way this will be done is by using a new technique for getting peoples opinions and thoughts and ideas down on paper. That technique is called a world café. A world café is where groups of people sit around a table (with food, drink and music provided) and then have a person elected as a conversation leader. After a short talk with the main researcher and the conversation leaders, several questions are asked to the groups. During the time given, the groups then engage in conversation about the questions, writing down their ideas and thoughts on the paper tablecloth provided with some pens. The idea is to gain as many ideas and opinions as possible to use them in a future study as points of inspiration for devices to help people get and keep a job.

Participants conditions:

The individual should be above 18 years of age.

The individual should have a condition that affects cognition.

The individual should have attempted to gain or has gained employment.

The individuals should be based within the UK.

How to get in touch for more information and participation?

If you would like more information on the "World Cafe" event, the research, or anything that you feel requires more clarification, please email Harry at [email protected].”