The e-learning programme aims to improve the knowledge about encephalitis and its consequences and so enabling children and their families to make sense of what has happened to them and know what to expect in the future; to help children and their families develop coping skills and as a result improve their confidence and self-esteem; to show the parents, carers and the children how to develop supportive networks around them and so reducing their isolation.

The e-learning programme has two sections. 

The first one, 'Parents/carers section', is aimed at all the adults who care for a child affected by encephalitis (parents, grandparents, guardians or any other carers). It contains 9 modules which focus on: the illness and its consequences, the relationships with the family, friends and professionals involved in child's health, the educational issues, how to stay healthy and how to cope with emotional strains.

Module 1: What is encephalitis?

Module 2: The consequences of encephalitis

Module 3: Going back to school

Module 4: Family dynamics

Module 5: How to find out information

Module 6: Working with professionals

Module 7: Dealing with stress and low mood

Module 8: Developing social support networks

Module 9: Conveying information to family and friends

The second section,'Children section', is aimed at all children affected by encephalitis age between 7 and 12. These age limits are not strict. If a Module is appropriate or not, depends very much on the learning and developmental stages of a child. This section has seven modules which have been built around Gilley's experience of encephalitis. Gilley the Giraffe will guide the child and teach them what is encephalitis, how to stay friends, how to be good with their family and how to look after themselves.

Module 1: What is encephalitis?

Module 2: What happens after encephalitis

Module 3: Why me?

Module 4: Understanding my family

Module 5: My friends

Module 6: When things go wrong

Module 7: How can I help myself?

If you would like to do any of these modules, please email [email protected] with your full name and country of residence.