The e-learning programme provides information about encephalitis in children in a user-friendly and structured format which allows consolidation of knowledge. It has two sections. 

The first section - Parents/carers section is for adults who care for a child affected by encephalitis (parents, grandparents, guardians or any other carers).

There are nine modules which focus on: the illness and its consequences, the relationships with the family, friends and professionals involved in child's health, the educational issues, how to stay healthy and how to cope with emotional strains.

The second section - Children section explains encephalitis to children who have been affected and their siblings.

If a module is appropriate or not for a child depends very much on their age and learning, developmental and emotional stages.

We would recommend that parents/carers try the modules first and decide if it is suitable for the child.

This section has seven modules built around Gilley the Giraffe's experience of encephalitis. Gilley, the mascot of the Encephalitis Society, acts as their guide and advises them about encephalitis, how to stay friends, how to be good with their family and how to look after themselves.

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