Encephalitis in Children - A Guide is a comprehensive information resource aiming to improve the quality of life of children affected by encephalitis and their families. It follows the child and their family’s journey from the hospital ward, to the rehabilitation setting, school and home, hoping to direct them through the maze of health care, education and social services.

A recent survey to parents highlighted the importance of having the right information at the right time. Children and families need to understand what has happened to them, what they can do to maximise their recovery and what to expect from the future. This guide not only provides medical facts about encephalitis  and acquired brain injury (ABI) that can follow, but can also give practical tips for all family members to enable them to appropriately look after themselves and the child affected.

This guide is accredited by the Information Standard, an accreditation scheme managed by the NHS England.

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Encephalitis in Children. A Guide was Highly Commended and shortlisted in the Long-Term Conditions award in the BMA Patient Information Awards 2018