Did you miss the Encephalitis Conference 2019?

Please see the Conference Brochure with details about speakers and full list of presentations and posters.

Please see below for a list of presentations with links to their video.

WATCH - Etiological agents of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) cases in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, 2018
Dr Kamran Zaman, Regional Medical Research Centre, India

WATCH - Sterile encephalitis and unrestrained type I interferon signalling due to a homozygous missense mutation in STAT2
Dr Christopher Duncan, University of Newcastle, UK

WATCH - Autoimmune encephalitis resembling dementia syndromes
Dr Danielle Bastiaansen, Erasmus MC University Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

WATCH - Building resilience and enhancing coping in families affected by encephalitis: what do we already know and what do we need to do?
Dr Audrey Daisley and Dr Rachel Tams, Oxford Centre for Enablement, OUH NHS Foundation Trust, UK

WATCH - Role of fluid management in the outcome of children with Acute Encephalitis Syndrome
Prof. Ajit Rayamajhi, Kanti Children Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal

WATCH - Age is associated with long term adaptive behavior after anti-NMDAR encephalitis
Dr Ana Arenivas, The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research Memorial Hermann, Houston, USA

WATCH - B-cell response mediates experimental anti-NMDA receptor autoimmune encephalitis
Dr Fabian Docagne, French Institute for Health Research, France

WATCH - Vaccine preventable encephalitis in returning travellers to the UK: Japanese, Tick-borne, and Rabies encephalitis
Dr Ava Easton, Encephalitis Society, UK

WATCH - Diagnosing infectious encephalitis including PCR multiplex panels and meta-genomics
Assoc. Professor Matthijs Brouwer, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

WATCH - The Chikungunyas guiltiness: report of viral encephalitis cases in a triple arboviral epidemics in Brazilian northeast
Dr Aline de Moura Brasil Matos, Tropical Medicine Institute, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

WATCH - Fatigue in survivors of encephalitis
Dr Luisa Diaz-Arias, John Hopkins Encephalitis Center, Baltimore, USA

WATCH - Failure of brain growth in children with MOG antibody associated encephalitis
Dr Frederik Bartels, Department of Neurology, University of Berlin, Germany

WATCH - Pathological tearfulness after autoimmune limbic encephalitis: a novel clinical syndrome and its neural basis
Dr Georgios P. D. Argyropoulos, University of Oxford, UK