Call for Abstracts is now closed! Thank you very much for those of you who submitted an abstract!

Conference Programme to follow soon!

Encephalitis 2021 will take place at Royal College of Physicians, London, on 7th December 2021.

Attendance can be face-to-face (Covid-19 restrictions permitting) or virtual.

Abstracts should be related to encephalitis and will be considered in any field or subject area - and must be submitted by June 30.

Participants interested in presenting an oral or poster presentation are invited to submit an abstract. All abstracts will undergo peer review by the Scientific Program Committee and may be accepted for:

ORAL PRESENTATION – refers to abstracts accepted for oral presentation at the podium. 

POSTER PRESENTATION– poster board presentation in the Poster Area and poster view in the Poster Booklet distributed to all participants.

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Any questions regarding the abstracts please email [email protected] 

All abstracts presenters are required to be a Professional Member of the Encephalitis Society, please sign up today .

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The Encephalitis Conference is dedicated exclusively to encephalitis and covers epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in both children and adults, covering both infectious and autoimmune aetiologies.

There will be cutting-edge insights from global leaders in the field of brain inflammation covering hot topics, critical research questions, and approaches to the key clinical challenges informed by the latest research.

This conference will be of interest to a range of professionals from across the globe, including neurologists, psychiatrists, infectious disease specialists, immunologists, intensive care and emergency medical staff, general practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other allied health professionals involved in the clinical care or research of encephalitis.

Professionals of all levels have attended in previous years, including medical students, junior doctors, and PhD students, through to senior clinical lecturers, consultants, and professors and experts with equivalent professional experience.

The conference will take place over a full day with renowned encephalitis experts speakers, a dedicated poster presentation area and many networking opportunities. CPD points will be awarded.

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