The Encephalitis Society can offer a Consultancy Service to professionals, organisations or communities providing services for those affected by encephalitis and its consequences. Our Consultancy Service is a bespoke service and is delivered by our Chief Executive, who has over a decade's experience in delivering this type of consultancy work.

Currently we are working with Just: Health PR and Baxter forming part of a Tick-borne Disease European Working Group, with a view to raising awareness and promoting preventive measures.

"Thank you for your attendance at the Tick-borne Diseases Steering Committee meeting on Friday, 26th April. It was a pleasure to meet you in person and to benefit from your insight and interests. We had a very lively discussion with a lot of new ideas to explore. We very much hope to be able to work with you to take some of these ideas forward."

In 2011 we worked with the Cherokee Indian Hospital in Cherokee, North Carolina to assess and make recommendations for their community in terms of understanding the needs of those affected and improving services in order to best meet their needs.  As well as assessment we provided lectures, symposiums and provided a televised address to their Tribal Council and wider community.  Following our visit, they wrote:

"On behalf of the Cherokee Indian Hospital and the Health and Medical Division of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation, I would like to extend my thanks to the Encephalitis Society for allowing and supporting your consultative visit....I would like to thank you individually for offering your help and support to the community and for the personal sacrifice that you made to come across the big pond to work with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation.  We remain hopeful that this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership."  (June 2011) 

Lecturing/Presenting/Public Speaking/Interactive Workshops

The Encephalitis Society has a vast experience of presenting educational media to both lay and professional audiences.  Presentation and workshops are bespoke and created according to need.  A wide range of topics can be covered, and have in the past included:

  • What is encephalitis?
  • Diagnosis and management of encephalitis
  • Recovery and rehabilitation from encephalitis
  • The role of peer group support in recovery from neurological illness/disability
  • What happens when neurology goes home?
  • The work of the Encephalitis Society

If you are interested in our presentations, lectures or workshops, please contact us