The Encephalitis Conference is the only event in the world dedicated exclusively to encephalitis and brings together professionals with various expertise and knowledge, ranging from etiology, pathogenesis, and diagnosis, through to treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of people affected by encephalitis.

You can be a step ahead of the game by registering your interest in the Encephalitis Conference 2019 - the date and location of which is to be confirmed.

It is likely that the conference will be held in December 2019 - as in previous years - but is also likely to be held outside of the U.K. for the first time ever.

Fill out our Encephalitis Conference 2019 form to register your interest in attending next year's event.

Becoming a professional member of the Encephalitis Society is also a handy way for healthcare professionals to be informed of the work of the Encephalitis Society, including news, events and our professional newsletter.