Encephalitis Conference 2019 Overview

The Royal College of Physicians in London was the setting for the 2019 edition of the Encephalitis Conference.

We made the decision 12 months earlier to move to a larger venue due to growing interest in the conference and that was reflected in the attendance figures which saw us welcome 190 delegates from 27 countries.

Our keynote speakers for the day were Associate Professor Matthijs Brouwer (Neurologist, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam) who spoke about developments in diagnosing infectious encephalitis, and Professor Emma Morris (Consultant Haematologist, University College London) whose talk explored the role of T cell immunity in autoimmune encephalitis.

These lectures were complemented by a further 12 presentations, covering a broad range of topics including tearfulness in survivors of autoimmune encephalitis, arboviral epidemics in Brazil, the relationship between age and adaptive behaviour following anti-NMDAR encephalitis, and the differential diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis and dementia syndromes.

The conference was also an opportunity for attendees to network and view the 30 poster presentations on display.

Following the presentations, Professor Tom Solomon chaired a lively debate between Dr Nicholas Davies (Consultant Neurologist)
and Associate Professor Sarosh Irani concerning whether intravenous immunoglobulin
(IVIG) treatment should be used in all suspected cases of autoimmune encephalitis, which generated many questions and much discussion amongst the audience.

This approach to a topic was a really novel experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to experience the clinical reasoning that must be involved in deciding on the best course of medical management when working in the absence of consensus guidelines regarding the optimal treatment regime, as is currently the case within autoimmune encephalitis.

Such was the power of the information presented that a quarter of the audience were persuaded to change their mind, with a final count of nearly 70 per cent endorsing the use of IVIG in all suspected cases of autoimmune encephalitis.

Another new introduction at the conference was the live Twitter feed displayed beside the presentation screen, which made it very easy to see what thoughts and questions were being generated by the audience throughout the day.

As the conference came to an end, awards were presented for the best oral presentation (Dr Frederik Bartels on failure of brain
growth in children with MOG antibody associated encephalitis), and poster presentation (Dr Giuliano Tomei on anti-neuronal membrane antibody associated psychosis).

Encephalitis Conference 2019 Reports

Encephalitis Conference 2019 report courtesy of the The Neuropsychologist

Encephalitis Conference 2019 report courtesy of ACNR

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