At the beginning of the month, we asked supporters of the Encephalitis Society to come up with a name for our BrainWalk mascot for World Encephalitis Day 2018

Well, the response has been simply staggering on social media and in emails sent directly to the Encephalitis Society. Thank you! 

There have been some wonderful suggestions - Captain Cranium, Loki and Brainy McBrainface to name only three - but it was clear that one name was surging ahead in popularity among members and staff.

So - without further ado - we are delighted to introduce you to our latest member...

Brian the Brain! 

Brian is the face (or should that be 'brain'?) of BrainWalk, our exciting campaign for World Encephalitis Day 2018.

He will soon become a familiar sight as we gear up for February 22 when we hope you will join us in raising awareness of encephalitis around the world.

Watch this space - as we will be letting everyone know more about BrainWalk in the coming weeks!

The Encephalitis Society Team