The Society has been providing a lifeline for all those affected by encephalitis for nearly 30 years and funding research has become a priority for us.

Driving research that will benefit everyone affected directly and indirectly by encephalitis is part of our mission.

We are guided by research priorities in areas such as prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation and we will work tirelessly to save lives, rebuild futures and make a global impact.

Exciting latest discoveries in the field of diagnosis and treatment can lead to reduced mortality, but there is still a lot to do regarding recovery and rehabilitation of these patients.

Progress also needs to be made around awareness, education and training among all healthcare professionals worldwide.

It can take a long time to yield results, but we are making progress.

June is Encephalitis Research Month.

And to celebrate, The Big Give is offering to DOUBLE every donation we receive this month - so for every £1 that is donated, we will receive another £1 on top.

Any money raised will go towards our Encephalitis Research Month appeal and projects which support researchers around the world.

If you would like to double your donation to the Encephalitis Society, visit the Big Give website.

Double your Donation