World Encephalitis Day on Saturday, 22nd February, is the most important day in the calendar when it comes to raising awareness of encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).

This devastating condition affects 500,000 people each year and yet has a low awareness rate among the general public.

That is why we need YOUR help to make sure that we reach as many people as possible individually and collectively on Saturday, 22nd February.

What Can I Do?

1. Go #Red4WED

One fun part of World Encephalitis Day is asking "supporters to wear something red for WED" on 22nd February. Wearing something red could be anything from a red t-shirt or a red hat, through to red socks, shoes or even a red onesie.

Whatever you decide to wear - please make sure to share it on your social media accounts and tell people why raising awareness about encephalitis is important to YOU.

Please make sure to use the hashtags, #WorldEncephalitisDay and #Red4WED so we can share them with our followers!

Suggested social media post:

Today I am wearing red to raise awareness of encephalitis and World Encephalitis Day. Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain and can affect anyone of any age, any sex and any ethnicity. Find out more at #red4wed #WorldEncephalitisDay 

Or you can share a #Red4WED photograph and tell your friends and followers about WHY it is important to you that they know about encephalitis and World Encephalitis Day.

2. Share our Photos

Why don't you share one of our social media images on World Encephalitis Day and telling people that it is just around the corner?

We have images for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - and in many different languages.

Visit our WED Resources page to see what we have available. 

3. Download our A4 posters

And while you are on our WED Resources page, why not download one of our World Encephalitis Day posters, print it off and put up around your place of work, school, hospital or even in your window at home. 

Download poster

4. Tell us about your event

If you have organised a World Encephalitis Day event at your home, school or place of work, why not let us know so we can add it to our WED gatherings page

Fill out our event form

5. Make a donation

Financial support of the Encephalitis Society will allow us to carry on our award-winning work which provides free resources and information to families affected by encephalitis, funds research and raises awareness of encephalitis to the general public and health professionals around the world. Donate now 

If you have any questions about World Encephalitis Day or need some help, please get in touch