Several supporters are holding events in support of the Encephalitis Society in the run up to and after World Encephalitis Day. Read on to find out more about what they have planned.

Thank you to each and every one of them for their support and going the extra mile for us!


Harry’s 12 Hour Livestream Gaming Fundraiser

Harry will be joined by his friends for a 12 hour livestream gaming fundraiser in support of his fiancée, Tami, who is recovering from encephalitis. Find out more  

Watch Harry’s live stream:  


Robyn & Marnie Mountain Wade

Robyn (mum) and her six-year-old Marnie are running 6k in memory of Robyn’s mum who sadly passed away from encephalitis.

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Caitlin’s Starbucks fundraising day

Caitlin, who was diagnosed with encephalitis four years ago, is hosting a fundraising day at the Starbucks coffee shop where she works in the beautifully named Mystic, Connecticut.

Hayley’s Champagne Tea

Hayley, from New South Wales, will be having a good time with her friends during a Champagne High Tea in support of her mum who was affected by encephalitis. Cheers everyone!

A live Facebook concert with Jamesy O’Kane – Saturday at 9pm GMT

Jamesy is playing a concert for his and his cousin’s grannie, Bridie, who affected by encephalitis in 2019. The live concert will take place on Facebook at 9pm GMT on Saturday.

Click on the link to register and watch


Zac’s 5km Run

Eleven-year-old Zac is running 5k in support of his best friend, Jude  

Lights Camera Action Run

On Sunday, Valery will be running from Weybridge Point to Hampton Court Palace and back – which is around a half marathon in distance. Valery was affected by encephalitis in 2012 and wants to give something back for all the support she has received from family and friends.  

The Great Granerod-Whitehouse Litter Pick 

Julia Granerod-Whitehouse and team have planned a local litter pick to raise funds for the Encephalitis Society. She said: “The little ones will join in and hopefully as well as having a positive impact on the environment, we will raise money for a cause close to my heart!” 


Richard and Karen’s Mile a Day – from 22nd February to 22nd March

Karen said: “Twenty years ago I had Encephalitis I was critically ill, had seizures ended up in a coma and it affected my frontal lobe. I still suffer the consequences of it until this day but I’m a million miles better than I was back then. Walking one mile a day for a month, starting on World Encephalitis Day, may be a bit challenging, but I set myself a really hard fundraiser 10 years ago and managed to donate £3,290 to The Encephalitis Society. I was in much better health back then.  

With the unpredictability of my Fibromyalgia this might be really pushing myself but I’m determined to give it a go.  

Other Events

Virtual Wine Tasting - 28th February

Sarah is holding a virtual wine tasting on the 28th February to help us raise awareness and in support of her dad, Roy, a volunteer with the Encephalitis Society.

JudoFITuk Triple One Triple Zero Challenge - throughout February

The JudoFITuk group in Hertfordshire are attempting to run 1,000 miles and do 10,000 press ups and 100,000 sit ups during the month of February – hence the title of Triple One Triple Zero Challenge. This challenge is in support of Holly, 17, who was admitted to hospital with Anti-NMDAR encephalitis in August. Today, Holly is recovering well but it has obviously been a tough six months for her and her family.

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Minecraft Building Contest and Themed Bake-Off Challenge - March 6

Toni is holding an online event for her friend, Tami, who is recovering from encephalitis.

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