Here are some articles and radio interviews for World Encephalitis Day 2021. We will be updating this page throughout Monday, 22nd February.

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#Red4WED 2021

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Karen Tighe

READ - ABC Sport broadcaster Karen Tighe’s recovery after contracting viral encephalitis -

LISTEN - On World Encephalitis Day, beloved ABC broadcaster Karen Tighe reflects her journey to recover her words and memories - Radio interview with ABC Radio Perth

Veronique Theberge

WATCH/READ - Woman wants more awareness of brain condition on the rise due to Covid-19 -

READ - Northland Spirited Women Adventure race for Encephalitis awareness. Read now

Lykke Ostergaard-Geisler

READ - Lykke is 13 years old and lived in Aarhus, Denmark. She became ill with encephalitis in August 2020. Read

Jenn Wiles

READ - Nurse reveals anxiety was actually encephalitis - Daily Mail

Pauline Murray

READ - Ayrshire nurse reveals her Encephalitis story as Kilmarnock landmarks prepare to be lit up red - via The Daily Record

Hannah Read

WATCH - The Woman who cannot recognise her friends and family - Steph's Packed Lunch on Facebook

Jackie Stebbins

LISTEN/WATCH - Jackie Stebbins joins KX News in Bismarck to talk about World Encephalitis Day - KX News

Lucia Gray

READ - Belfast mum raising awareness after baby's cold sore turned out to be brain inflammation - Belfast Live

Dr Omar Siddiqi

Q&A: Early diagnosis critical in treating encephalitis due to COVID-19, other causes with Dr Omar Siddiqi, a member of the Encephalitis Society's Scientific Advisory Panel - Healio.Com

Mayo Clinic

Expert Alert: Encephalitis prevention another reason to receive COVID-19 vaccine - Mayo Clinic

#Red4WED landmarks

#Red4WED landmarks

#Red4WED landmarks. Click on the photo to see more

This is Diane, who is a partner to John, mother to four and a grandmother to her three grandchildren. 

She has been a foster carer since around 2006 - caring for many children and making a difference. Also a nurse. Diane is now retired. 
In 2018 - She was diognosed with Encephalitis, Occipital Neuralgia and Meningitis. At the time Encephalitis was something herself and her family had not heard much about. 
Whilst in the hospital she researched a lot about Encephalitis also her family did too. As a family we have all learnt a lot about the disease. 
Diane was in hospital for just over three weeks in February 2018. Whilst fighting Encephalitis in the Blackburn Hospital Diane was given a 10% chance to live but Diane refused to give up and keep fighting for her family and for her life. 
Despite being in hospital with Encephalitis, Diane conitued to do what came natural and looked after a few of the other patients on the ward ensuring that they had water, were tucked in, sat comfortably, and didn't feel alone when it wasn't visiting hours. 
Encephalitis has many side effects both psychologically and physically. But what it can't take away from people is community. 
With Diane being diognosed with Encephalitis - it has opened up a whole new type of community full of support and help available just like your work at The Encephalitis Society. 
Happy World Encephalitis Day! 
Alex Deemer