We have put together a Spotify playlist of songs inspired by musicians connected to the Encephalitis Society as well as TV shows and movies which are related in part to encephalitis.

You can find the World Encephalitis Day 2021 playlist HERE

1. What a Shame it is – Jim Kirby

Find out more about Jim’s story

2. To Be Alive – Tuesday Morning

Our daughter, Brittany, came down with what started as a bad cold, resulting in a coma, and was later diagnosed as a rare strain of viral encephalitis. Over the course of three months and four hospitals, she beat staggering odds. With the support of family, friends, highly skilled medical personnel, the power of prayer, and her own sheer will, she regained her life, stronger than ever before.  

To Be Alive is a song of hope in overcoming obstacles and celebrating your one life with all the joy in your heart. 

The song is from our album, The Awakening. This album chronologically tells her story and is dedicated to Brittany’s awakening. It is also a testimony of gratitude, and how love, faith, and the power of the human spirit can awaken us all. 

3. Band Aid – Alex Dahlberg

Alex says: “My song band-aid means many different things. Everyone can relate to it differently, with a different meaning.”

Find out more about Alex’s story

4. Maybe this Time – Liza Minelli

This song was suggested by one of our members, Natasha, as Liza Minelli was hospitalised with viral encephalitis in 2000.

5. Dancing in the Rain – Kings Daughters

An uplifting tribute to those who passed away during lockdown and could not be honoured in ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Singer Talia Dean tragically lost her best friend, Raj, and was unable to attend his funeral, through her pain she composed the track, singing her heart out as a goodbye to her beloved, vocals fuelled with immense power and passion.

Find out more about Talia and Raj.

6. Satisfied - Hunter-Gatherer

Hunter-Gatherer are the band of our new Individual Giving Coordinator, Bron Bury. Find out more about Bron.

7. Leonard - Randy Newman

From the original motion picture soundtrack for Awakenings (1990). The Oscar-nominated drama is based on Dr Oliver Sacks's memoir of the same name and starred Robin Williams. In 1969, Dr Sacks discovered the beneficial effects of the drug L-Dopa and administered it to catatonic patients who survived the 1917–1928 epidemic of encephalitis lethargica. 

8. Ave Maria - Aliki, The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Miriam Nemcova

9. Rinaldo, Act II -  ‘Lascia Ch’io Pianga’ – Aliki, The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Miriam Nemcova

Aliki Chrysochou is a Soprano singer and Ambassador of the Encephalitis Society who inspired us with her recovery from encephalitis and her journey to become a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent.

Aliki is also playing a live Facebook concert on World Encephalitis Day at 6pm GMT. Register and watch

10. Bach Goldberg Variation Aria Pt. 1 – Brian Reitzell.

Taken from the original soundtrack of the Hannibal TV series. Find out why we think Hannibal is so delicious

The following two songs are inspired by the following news story about two friends, Gabe Scott and Andy Gullahorn, from Nashville. Every week, Andy goes for a walk and meets up with Gabe, and they give each other a high five. This small ritual became even more important when Gabe became poorly with encephalitis.

11. Be Kind to Yourself – Andrew Peterson

Gabe produced, and co-wrote and played on this song. A beautiful message for survivors of encephalitis.

12. Light a Candle – Andy Gullahorn

A personal favourite track of Gabe's wife, Keely.

Bonus - Finally, a track which is not available on Spotify:

The following video is of Andy Gullahorn and Gabe performing Small Things - the song inspired by their High Fives - at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. With a lovely intro from Andy.