Professor Peter Kennedy, of the Institute of Infection Immunity and Inflammation at the University of Glasgow, has been presented with the RSE Royal Medal, awarded on the authority of Her Majesty The Queen.

It was awarded because of his pioneering work in distinguishing the major human brain cell types which paved the way to significant advances in the treatment of neurological diseases and infections, as well as identification of a novel therapy for African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness).

The highly prestigious medals recognise exceptional achievement in science, academia and public engagement.

Professor Kennedy, who is a member of our Scientific Advisory Panel, said: “I am amazed, honoured and humbled in equal measure to be acknowledged by Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Society of Edinburgh with this award. As current events remind us only too well, science and the pursuit of new knowledge continues to be vital to society. I am extremely happy that I have been able to play a part in the advancement of neurological science and help to cement Scotland’s reputation as an innovative nation transforming lives globally.
“The award of the Royal Medal also reflects very well on the numerous scientific collaborators, research assistants, technicians, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers with whom I have had the very good fortune to work over a period of 35 years.”