In 2019 we started to provide seed funding for smaller or pilot projects which can not only provide acknowledgement and a better understanding of the illness in different environments but also secure future funding for potential large-scale projects or be a first step on the long journey to becoming a well-established researcher.

Since the seed funding grants stream started, we have allocated funding in five low-to-middle-income countries (LMIC): Cameroon, Brazil, Senegal, Uganda, and India.

One of our previous seed funders Dr. Aline Matos, from Brazil, had this to say about the project: 

“First of all, it was a great honour to be selected for the 2019 Encephalitis Society Seed Funding. At that time, I was starting my PhD thesis and my research had no specific funding. In my country resources are basically limited to governmental grants. In order to have one of those grants, you have to have things like published articles, international experience, a topic of public interest, and supervisors
recognized by their previous work. The seed funding was essential to start my career as a young scientist and made me able to dedicate myself to my main topic of interest – neurological manifestations of emergent and reemergent viruses in encephalitis. Based on this background and built network my team were selected for a great national full grant to work with COVID-19 and neurology.”

Watch this video to learn more about another of our seed funding winners - Aline. 

Apply for this years round of seed funding here!

June is Encephalitis Research Month.

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Any money raised will go towards our Encephalitis Research Month appeal and projects which support researchers around the world, just like our amazing seed funders above. 

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