My name is Dave Harrison and I need your help to cheer up my mum and dad after they were unable to celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary.

My dad, Alf, became ill with LGI1 encephalitis five years ago and recently had to return to hospital after his encephalitis symptoms worsened.

It has been a tough time for my parents which was made even worse as dad was in hospital for their wedding anniversary - the first that he and my mum have spent apart - and we were unable to visit him because of the COVID-19 restrictions.



My idea is simple. I want to get as many people to take part in my #OneforAlf campaign at any point during the weekend of October 16 to 18 and help bring a smile to my mum and dad's faces as they belatedly celebrate their wedding anniversary - as well as raise awareness of encephalitis.

Taking part is as easy!

1. Get outside anytime between Friday and Sunday (October 16 to 18) for a walk, run, ride, coffee, or even a potter around a garden.

2. Take a picture of yourself and share it on your social media accounts with the hashtag #OneForAlf

To help raise awareness of encephalitis, you could maybe say something like:

"I want to wish Sandra and Alf a very happy 39th wedding anniversary. They were unable to celebrate their big day as Alf was sadly in hospital recovering from encephalitis. I want to wish them both the very best #OneForAlf 

3. Donate a small amount to the Encephalitis Society (as if you were to buy Alf a drink and celebrate his anniversary and return to hospital) On your phone? Text ALF 5 to 70085 to donate £5. Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message (alternatively, you can choose to give any whole amount between £1 and £20 by changing the number you wish to donate)

If you can get outdoors and take part in #OneForAlf, it would mean the world to all of us. It has been tough for my Dad but he is a fighter. I really want to show him that people support him and are rooting for his recovery – Dave

About Alf

My dad was admitted to Salford Royal for a second time on 28th August 2020 after his symptoms had worsened. Dad was first admitted to Salford Royal in June 2019 after being diagnosed with LGI1 autoimmune Encephalitis in May 2019. This latest admission to hospital meant that he was unable to celebrate his 39th wedding anniversary and it was the first anniversary my mum and dad haven’t celebrated together and it is longest they have ever been apart. 

Thankfully, he has now been released from hospital. My dad seems really positive both physically and mentally after this last hospital 'visit'. I FaceTimed him on the day he came home and he was in his garden. He loves being outside and has always enjoyed working and being outside. This got me thinking. I want to do something for my dad to welcome him home and to give him some form of celebration for their anniversary while hopefully raising money for The Encephalitis Society.

My idea is rather simple. I want to get as many people to do #OneforAlf. My parents couldn’t celebrate their anniversary and we can’t help them celebrate in the current climate. So, #OneforAlf is simply to get out and enjoy being outside and then, instead of helping them celebrate (as we might normally do) we donate a small amount to The Encephalitis Society (maybe the cost of a drink?). Take a picture, upload it to social media so my dad can see everyones efforts (he would love it). It would be great if people could get involved.

Support David

4 Every 4

Alongside #OneforAlf, I have also planned a personal challenge to be completed in April 2021 (It was initially planned for April 2020 but COVID-19 thought otherwise!).

This challenge is to run FOUR miles every FOUR hours for 40 hours carrying 40lbs on my back.

You can follow my training and the challenge planning on the Facebook page I have set up and by following the #4every4 hashtag on social media