Dr Nicholas Davies, consultant neurologist and Chair of the Encephalitis Society's Scientific Advisory Panel, talks to Dr Ava Easton about his day-to-day life during the Covid-19 pandemic.

1m10s - How are you?

1m36s - How have the past few months been for you and your colleagues?

3m54s - Is this the biggest challenge of your career?

5m05s - Could we have learnt more from the original SARS outbreak we had a few years ago?

6m51s - What is your day to day working life like at the moment and what precautions are you having to take?

8m26s - How was Clap for Carers received by your colleagues?

11m04s - Do you think its inevitable we are going to be facing peaks and troughs of people becoming ill?

13m19s - Do you think we should be easing the current restrictions?

15m04 - Is there a breaking point politically, medically or economically that we could reach?

17m0s - Can you tell us about any of the neurological complications of Covid-19 that you may have observed?

21m20s - The potential risk of PTSD for Covid-19 survivors

26m10s - Do you have any advice for members of the public?

28m05s - Do you think anything positive can come out of this?