We asked our health and wellbeing guru, Kim Ingleby, to share her advice for anyone who is looking to set themself a challenge in the New Year. Here is what she had to say:

• Decide on three small goals to help you feel fit and well between now and Easter (or World Encephalitis Day) - one for your mental health, physical movement and then good food, sleep, digital boundaries, something fun, meditation, clearing clutter or whatever will help you to feel better

• Start small, make it possible and commit to it. Setting a weekly habit, two to three times a week and committing to make it happen for six weeks will help to create a new habit. From here you can keep it going, or make it more challenging

• Get support around you. It may be from the Encephalitis Society, friends, family, online communities. Just sharing your goals with two to three people can make a big difference

• Keep a journal (or use an app, but writing it down too really helps) of what you are doing, how you feel and any niggles or tiredness. This will help you celebrate the progress and also keep an eye out for when you need to stretch a bit more, have a rest day or drink some more water perhaps.

• Ask for professional help if you are unsure, have medical conditions or would just like accountability, advice and support

• Make time for good sleep, things that make you laugh and feel good, tasty variety of good foods, digital boundaries and just getting outside in daylight to boost your mood

• Don't worry if you can't do a couple of days you had planned. Try to be kind to yourself and just commit to the next one you can, whilst looking after yourself

• Try things which you want to, from cycling to dance (which is so good for the brain as well as body), to weights, running, walking and any other ideas.

For more advice, any questions, support or to celebrate your achievements - get in touch with Kim on social media via her social media: FacebookTwitterInstagram