Dr Benedict Michael is a Doctor, a researcher and Vice Chair of our Scientific Advisory Panel.

Over the past few months, our lives have been turned upside down by Covid-19.

Before the pandemic, my day-to-day life followed a routine, revolving around my family, treating neurology patients at the Walton Centre in Liverpool, research into conditions like encephalitis and my Scientific Advisory Panel duties.

Today, I find myself called upon to work unfamiliar shifts in unfamiliar wards and alongside NHS colleagues I have never met. We work around the clock to support people who are more scared than they’ve ever been, because of this horrible infection. I miss my home and my family.

Yes, it is tiring.

Yes, it is challenging.

Yes, it is heart-breaking.

But it has also lifted my spirits to see how we – as a global community – are rising to the challenge and pulling together for the greater good. And on Giving Tuesday 2020, I’m asking for your urgent help.

My colleagues and I are deeply grateful for your continuing support with initiatives such as #ClapforNHS and the generosity shown to the campaign led by Captain – now Colonel - Tom Moore.

We really appreciate how seriously you take social distancing and washing your hands as, without that discipline, our efforts would be for nothing. Please do not underestimate how much difference this support contributes to our wellbeing and makes us feel like we are all in it together. A kind word, or news of a donation, lifts our spirits and means you value the work that doctors, nurses and my colleagues at the Encephalitis Society are doing for you day in and day out.


Part of my work as a neurologist means I am helping to lead a new national surveillance programme which looks at the neurological complications of Covid-19. It is still early days in understanding how coronavirus will impact on the millions who survive, but we do know there will be severe implications for some, which is why organisations like the Encephalitis Society need your help to survive this crisis too.

As your doctors, nurses and other health and social care workers continue to work on the front line, the Encephalitis Society and other organisations will be there to offer support, information and advice. That is why I am asking you to spare whatever you can and support this organisation that I am proud to have volunteered with, for the last nine years

We are in this together, and every pound matters to us right now. If you can, make  a donation or set up  a regular gift, and help us continue to support yourselves and anyone else who may need our help today and in the future.

Thank you


Vice Chair - Scientific Advisory Panel, Encephalitis Society