Tuesday, 30th November, is Giving Tuesday. Please consider giving a donation or the gift of time to help build a world is a world aware of encephalitis, its consequences and the support available. Together, we can help ensure nobody has to face encephalitis alone.

Giving Tuesday is a global day which encourages people to give back to non-profit organizations and charities in whatever way they can. It is also a chance to help charities like the Encephalitis Society to secure their future in the post-pandemic world. Click below to hear our ambassador, Susannah Cahalan, talk about what her experience of encephalitis and what Giving Tuesday means to her.

A donation of £10 will help connect people affected by encephalitis and lessen the crushing isolation people affected by brain inflammation can feel. Alternatively, a regular donation will enable pioneering encephalitis research to continue long into the future. Research in recent years has already produced some life-changing results, and your support will further accelerate our understanding of the condition and help save lives.

Donate Now

Volunteering for the Encephalitis Society is another amazing way you can support people affected directly and indirectly by encephalitis. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Encephalitis Society and have helped to turn us into the award-winning organisation we are today. Click below to hear more about volunteering from one of our Volunteers, Paul.