Dr Lance Turtle joins The Encephalitis Podcast to talk about the Japanese encephalitis virus and its impact on Australia over the past 12 months.

Lance is a Reader and Honorary Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases at the University of Liverpool.

As always, the questions are asked by our host, Dr Ava Easton, Chief Executive of the Encephalitis Society. The Encephalitis Podcast is available on all podcast channels and on our YouTube channel.

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1m44s - An overview of the Japanese encephalitis infection

4m39s – Can Japanese encephalitis be prevented?

5m14s - How safe are the Japanese encephalitis vaccines?

6m26s  - How long does immunity last for someone who is vaccinated? 

8m09s – Can some people can get Japanese encephalitis virus but actually not become very poorly with it?

8m23s – Why is there not an anti-viral drug for Japanese encephalitis?

9m55s – how is a patient diagnosed with Japanese encephalitis?

11m11s – What are the outcomes for people who become infected with Japanese encephalitis virus?

13m 40s - What does your research involve at the University of Liverpool?

15m03s - One of the main reasons for choosing to cover Japanese encephalitis in this month’s podcast is that it marks the first anniversary of an outbreak in Australia.  Can you tell us more about the outbreak and why it is important for people in Australia going forward?

18m10s - So when you say a firm foothold is that what you are referring to when some experts are now saying it is endemic in Australia?

19m54s – Is it relatively straightforward for viruses such as Japanese encephalitis to spread to other areas?

22m31s – Have we learned the lessons that preceeded Covid-19 with outbreaks of Sars and Mers?

25m18s - There have also been reports of Murray Valley Encephalitis – another mosquito-borne virus – in Victoria and New South Wales. What can – or what are - the Australian authorities do to combat mosquitoes going forward? Is that an option?

26m48 - what measures should people take to avoid being bitten by Japanese encephalitis?

27m57s - Japanese encephalitis is endemic in many rural areas of southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Far East – what would you recommend to anyone who is concerned about becoming infected whether they live in those areas or are considering travelling to those areas?