Encephalitis: The Patient and Caregiver Experience Study

Dr Anusha Yeshokumar and Dr Ava Easton*

This study involves a survey to obtain information about the medical, psychological and social experiences of encephalitis patients and their caregivers.  We want as many people affected by encephalitis and their family members/caregivers to complete the survey and help us understand more about what happens after people leave hospital.

We hope the results of this study will emphasise the need for comprehensive psychological and social support for people affected and their family members.  This, we hope, will inform the future design of management and support strategies.

A Narrative Approach. Life after Encephalitis by Dr Ava Easton

The survey is simple to complete and can be done quickly (we estimate around 20 minutes). 

The Patient Experience 

The Caregiver Experience 

Please help us to understand your experiences better and to change things for the future.

*Dr Anusha Yeshokumar is a neurologist specialising in encephalitis at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, USA.  Dr Yeshokumar developed an interest in taking care of patients with encephalitis in the earliest days of her clinical training and has focused her training and career on improving the management and long-term outcomes of encephalitis patients.

Dr Yeshokumar and Dr Ava Easton (Chief Executive of the Encephalitis Society) met last December at the Encephalitis Conference in 2017.  Because of their shared interest in improving outcomes and quality of life for people affected by encephalitis they have worked together, in part, on developing this new and exciting study.