The Game is Afoot for one of our Trustees.

Dave Smith, who looks after our IT, will be taking on a 24-hour Gaming Marathon in support of the Encephalitis Society – kicking off at 8pm on Friday, November 20.

The self-confessed nerd will be plugged into his PC and playing games such as Rocket League, Battlefield 5, Fall Guys, Among Us and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Apart from the odd comfort break, Dave will be locked and loaded for the full 24-hour period with the only support coming from his fellow gamers and people watching his antics on Twitch.

“I am a huge nerd and love nothing more than sitting down for hours and talking with my equally nerdy friends while simultaneously trying to destroy each other,” said Dave, who is known as ‘Fluffy’ to his friends (“please don't ask why – it is a long and unsatisfactory story”).

“I have been a long-time supporter of the Encephalitis Society and was recently honoured to be given the role of IT & Security Trustee. I love the people, and the work they do is critical to support those affected by encephalitis.

“I also know that The Society has been having a difficult time financially since the lockdown started, so I didn’t hesitate to put myself forward when the idea of a gaming marathon was first suggested.”

He added: “It should be a lot of fun, although I do think that my gaming skills will go off the rails the more hours I put in.

“I will be live streaming on Twitch for those that want to watch, support, laugh or want to see me ‘rage-game’ in real life!

“Some of my nerdy friends will also be making an appearance to support me throughout the 24 hours to keep me awake and give me their ‘support’.”

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