In this podcast, neurologist Dr Benedict Michael talks to Dr Ava Easton about the newly created National Surveillance Programme on Neurological Complications of COVID19, CoroNerve.

CoroNerve is a group involving representatives from professional bodies, including the Association of British Neurologists and The British Paediatric Neurology Association, among many others, which is seeking to track suspected neurological complications of the Covid-19 infection.

Dr Michael is spearheading the programme with his colleagues in the CoroNerve Study Management Group which includes Dr Rachel Kneen, who is also on the Scientific Advisory Panel; and will be joined on the study's steering committee by Dr Easton.

He also talks about his day-to-day work during the Covid-19 outbreak, the impact it is having on his colleagues, and how initiatives such as #ClapforNHS are a boost for everyone. 

1m56s - Ben, this is the first time we’ve had a chance to talk properly in a while, given how busy you have been. How are you?

2m53s - What is your typical working day during the Covid-19 pandemic?

3m40s - How have you and your colleagues been managing?

4m57s - Do things such as #ClapforNHS help with your morale?

5m 36s - What are your thoughts on how long the pandemic, self-distancing will last?

6m 21s - What is your advice to people who may be listening to this podcast?

The National Surveillance Programme on Neurological Complications of COVID19, CoroNerve

7m 26s - What is the national surveillance task force on Covid-19 and neurology and why has it been created?

9m 10s - Who is involved? What will it entail?

10m 46s - What will be the process of the surveillance group going forward?

11m 40s - Are we seeing/expecting there to be neurological complications around Covid-19 for survivors?

12m 25s - What type of neurological complications do you think can be expected?

14m 18s - Is there anything else you would like people to know about the national surveillance programme?

15m 18s - We know many of our professional members will be watching this podcast, where should they go to report these cases?

16m 25s (Dr Michael) I know it must be a difficult time for charities, how are things going at the Encephalitis Society?

19m 32s - Is there anything you would like to add?

You can follow the work of Dr Michael and CoroNerve on Twitter:

For medical health professionals - please visit the CoroNerve website to report adult patients with a new-onset neurological disorder, occurring contemporaneously or following confirmed COVID-19 infection, in whom you believe COVID-19 to be a possible cause.