Cory Hooper is the latest student to be chosen for our PhD Fellowship with the University of Liverpool as part of its larger DexEnceph study.

The ongoing project, jointly funded by the Encephalitis Society and the University of Liverpool, focuses on determining whether corticosteroid dexamethasone is effective in improving neuropsychological outcomes in patients with herpes simplex encephalitis.

Cory Hooper

Cory, who has completed a Master’s degree in clinical and health psychology at the University of Liverpool, said: 

Over the next few years I have the responsibility of collecting the neuropsychological data from the patients we recruit on the DexEnceph trial. If successful this data will make a significant contribution to the research that is already taking place in the effort to improve outcomes for patients with encephalitis.

He added:

During my first couple of months I have been amazed by the passion and commitment of the Encephalitis Society and the encephalitis research community to provide support and conduct innovative research to improve outcomes for patients.

Outside of his academic endeavours, the South Wales native works part-time as a chef for Hafla Hafla, cooking Middle Eastern inspired food, and is a keen runner having participated in a half-marathon and other endurance events in support of several charities, including Myeloma UK, Sands and Alzheimers Society.

Seeing some of the unique fundraising from previous editions of the Connect newsletter has inspired me and going forward I would like to help raise money to support the Encephalitis Society.

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