My name is Olive. Known as the “Resident Teenager," I decided to get my fitness into shape by taking part in the British 10K. I played sport at school and gone running on occasion but my fitness had fallen off recently so this was the perfect way to step it up!

Before I started working at the Encephalitis Society I had no real understanding of the condition and how many people are affected daily. I see now the amazing work the Encephalitis Society does every day and they deserve more recognition, especially in the local area. I have been telling my friends and family all about encephalitis, trying to raise awareness of the condition.

As far as training goes, I just don’t enjoy running, but I have been aiming to go for 2-3 runs a week, alongside weight training. In reality, it ends up being more like one run a week, and a game of netball but it’s better than nothing right? Occasionally Kara, who also works at the Encephalitis Society, drives past me while I’m running, beeping her horn and shouting out of the window (which scares me more than motivates me!).

The 10K is in London, so once the race has finished I plan on doing some sightseeing, as living in Yorkshire I hardly ever make it down to our capital city.

I’m not exactly looking forward to it, I’m a bit nervous that I’m not going to be able to finish. Still I’ve just got to remember that the atmosphere will be so exhilarating that I won’t realise how quickly I’ve finished. I’ve got until the 15th of July to get myself ready, which to experienced runners may seem a piece of cake, but for me I’m struggling, mainly because I eat too many pieces of cake… I also don’t have the mental strength to go for more than a 6km run, but this is something I've been working on to get me race day ready. I really wish I would catch the running bug, because it would be really nice to enjoy training rather than dread it! The feeling once I’ve finished a run is pretty good though, so I just need to focus on that.

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