Dr Ava Easton, the Chief Executive of the Encephalitis Society, has been commissioned to write a follow up to her best-selling book Life After Encephalitis.

This sequel will focus on both the good and the bad of Recovery and Rehabilitation following encephalitis.

The book will include stories from survivors, family members (spouses and parents), along with the voices of children and young people.

It will cover a range of causes of encephalitis from both infectious and autoimmune types.

The focus of these stories will be your experiences of recovery and rehabilitation (we want 'good news' stories of those who had great journeys and we want the 'bad news' stories too of those where rehabilitation went wrong or where it was impossible to get).

We want to hear from people around the world of all ages who might be interested in sharing their story.

Initially we only want preliminary contacts to consider from people interested.

Fill out our online form to put yourself forward for consideration - including a summary of your Recovery and Rehabilitation story.

If we think your story might be a good fit for the book, Ava will be in touch with you directly to discuss next steps.

If you have any questions, please contact the communications team at the Encephalitis Society via email or +44(0)1653 692583.