Hello and welcome to the live blog of the Encephalitis Society.

We will be updating supporters about any updates on the Covid-19 pandemic, useful factsheets and information from the Encephalitis Society. Please note that our support team are here for you and can be contacted via the website or by calling +44(0)1653 699599. 

We will also be regularly updating our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. If you have anything you would like to include, please get in touch.

Best wishes, the Encephalitis Society team

10.28am - Friday, April 3

Some useful information for our friends in the USA.

This is information from the Brain Injury Association of America which lists all the State Health Departments in the United States of America and their web pages offering advice about Covid-19 / Coronavirus.

Stay safe!

8.03am - Friday, April 3

Good luck to David! If you are interested in becoming part of our fundraising team like David, please get in touch

10.24am - Thursday, April 2

Our Ambassador Rebecca Adlington will be on the telly tonight! 

9.58am - Thursday, April 2

Our friends at Clarke Wilmott have put together some useful information for any organisations and individuals who may have some legal questions surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak.

It is designed to help you to identify any issues that you may be currently concerned about and covers areas such as employment, powers of attorney, buying a house, and much more.

Visit the website 

8.44am - Thursday, April 2

Professor Tom Solomon and his colleagues at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine - including Dr Lance Turtle - were recently featured on BBC Look North West. Watch now.

2.43pm - Wednesday, April 1

Looking for a podcast to listen to?

Please check out the Mind and Seek podcast from Theresa and Brandon.

Theresa became poorly with anti-nmdar encephalitis in December 2017 and charts her recovery, and more recently, living in lockdown due to coronavirus.

Available on Apple, Spotify and Google.

10.17am - Wednesday, April 1

We asked Dr Thomas Pollak, who is a neuropsychiatrist and a member of our Scientific Advisory Panel, to share any information that he believes will be helpful to our members, and the general public, in the coming weeks and month.

His first recommendation is this Q&A with Dr Jon Goldin, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, which offers advice on dealing with anxiety during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Thank you, Tom and Jon. 

8.10am - Wednesday, April 1

It's definitely a busy morning on Twitter! Love this artwork from Alessia Bellino, who is one of our supporters in Italy.

8.05am - Wednesday, April 1

An important message from Professor Tom Solomon, President of the Encephalitis Society

7.58am - Wednesday. April 1

We are very proud of Dr Benedict Michael and all the members of our Scientific Advisory Panel for everything they are doing during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

2.16pm - Tuesday, March 31

Our virtual gatherings will be taking three days a week and will be led by members of the Encephalitis Society team. One of our ambitions is to bring members together and, given the current lockdown, we thought the best way to do that is through online video calls.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days we have chosen. Find out more

10.56am - Tuesday, March 31

A funny read to lighten the Lockdown blues, courtesy of Dr Tom Pollak.

4.30pm - Monday, March 30

A transcript of our Coronavirus and Encephalitis podcast is now available. Simply visit the podcast page on the website.

The podcast featured Dr Ava Easton, Professor Tom Solomon and Dr Lance Turtle and answered your questions about coronavirus/Covid-19.

2.38pm - Friday, March 27

Interesting article from the BBC which gives a visual guide to the Coronavirus pandemic. Read now

2.01pm - Friday, March 27

After a successful trial, we will be starting virtual meetings next week for members of the Encephalitis Society.

Mondays @ 10:30am – Early Acute Recovery

This is a Zoom meeting for people that have been recently diagnosed or their loved ones. It is an opportunity to share tips and ask questions from the group.

Wednesdays @ 1pm – Coffee and a catchup

An informal get-together for people to have a chat, say hello and cheer each other up.

Thursdays @ 4pm – First Time

This is for anyone who hasn’t met someone else that has been through encephalitis (directly or as a loved one).

If you are interested in taking part, please email [email protected]

12.13pm - Friday, March 27

A busy morning for the comms team! We have been putting the finishing touches to our spring newsletter and will be sending it out on email, social media and our website tomorrow at 12pm. Normally, we would be sending out printed copies to many of our members. However, due to the current situation, this edition of the newsletter will only be going out digitally. We apologise about this, but do hope you enjoy reading the digital version.

8.18am - Thursday, March 26

Vote for Clair's Story

3.51pm - Wednesday, March 25

Some good news – finally!

We have just learned that our awareness film, Clair’s Story, is a finalist in The Charity Film Awards.

Given the current situation with Coronavirus, the awards ceremony will be a virtual event and live streamed on April 21.

We do need your votes to be in with a chance of winning.

If you can spare a few moments, please vote for Clair’s film

1.08pm - Wednesday, March 25

1.06pm - Wednesday, March 25 

The Calm smartphone App, which the Encephalitis Society team are big fans of, has released some free resources to help people during the Covid-19 outbreak.

It is well worth checking out what they are offering. Read Now

Calm is available to download from your phone's app store.

10.43am - Wednesday, March 25

Paul is one of our beloved volunteers and earlier this year sat down with us to talk about his encephalitis story.

10.31am - Wednesday, March 25

In our podcast on Coronavirus and Encephalitis, Dr Lance Turtle mentioned a New York Times article about the benefits of hand washing and how it had helped one Beijing school during the Sars outbreak. We have found it! Read Now


2.48pm - Tuesday, March 24

Some presents for Casper the office dog. I have just one question - are the Scooby Snacks fit for humans?

10.15am - Tuesday, March 24

Becky's story recently appeared in the Daily Mail. Read Now

10.11am - Tuesday, March 24

We'd love to hear your comments and add them to our blog. If you have any pictures, images or stories, please get in touch via our online contact form or via email

10.07am - Tuesday, March 24

Good morning everyone.

There are many articles out there which are helpful for anyone who, like us in the UK, are in lockdown. We like this article in the Guardian newspaper which has been written by Lea Waters, a psychology professor at the University of Melbourne.

She talks about how to stay positive during the Coronavirus outbreak. Read Now

2.38pm - Monday, March 23

12.25pm - Monday, March 23

Dr Ava Easton, our Chief Executive, has written a letter to members of the Encephalitis Society today in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. Read now

9.21am - Monday, March 23

Veronique, who lives in New Zealand, is a member of the Encephalitis Society and a blogger. Her latest blog reflects on isolation in the current climate. Read Now

8.49am - Monday, March 23

Morning everyone. 

We got an email over the weekend from Becky, who lives in Wrexham. Becky has been helping to raise awareness of encephalitis and appeared on radio over World Encephalitis Day. Her story also appeared in the news over the weekend and she wanted you to see it. 

Becky was around 38 weeks pregnant when she developed meningoencephalitis. Read her story

6.12pm - Friday, March 20

Our podcast about Coronavirus and encephalitis is now ready to watch. If you want to see the full list of questions and when the timecode, please go to our webpage about the podcast

4.55pm - Friday, March 20

This is lovely.

1.41pm - Friday, March 20

A reminder that later today we will be sharing a podcast on Coronavirus and encephalitis. Questions have been submitted and will be ll be answered by our panel of experts, Dr Ava Easton, Professor Tom Solomon and Dr Lance Turtle.

12.58pm - Friday, March 20

Today is the final day in our offices before we begin remote working from Monday, so as you can imagine we have been busy away making sure we have everything in place, such as up-to-date laptops and so on.

Our CEO Dr Ava Easton also popped in to film a short video which we will be sharing on Monday. Watch this space! 

9.08am - Friday, March 20

Last night's Question Time is now on YouTube which is great for people based outside the UK who would like to see Professor Tom Solomon's appearance.

9.04am - Friday, March 20

Some video from last night's Question Time with Professor Tom Solomon

9.31pm - Thursday, March 19

We hope you enjoyed watching Professor Tom Solomon on BBC Question Time. The full broadcast can be watched on BBC iPlayer now. Hopefully, Auntie Beeb will upload it to YouTube as well in which case we will hunt it down and share it with you.

4.56pm - Thursday, March 19

The Encephalitis Society team are calling it a day, but please be sure to tune into BBC One at 8pm where Professor Tom Solomon will be a panellist on Question Time. You will be able to watch it via BBC iPlayer during the broadcast or afterwards. 

4.55pm - Thursday, March 19

A message from our CEO, Dr Ava Easton.

4.45pm - Thursday, March 19

The Encephalitis Society online shop has been temporarily closed. This is because the team will be working from home, so will be unable to process any orders. Apologies for any inconvenience. More information can be found on our shop.  

2.10pm - Thursday, March 19

One for parents/carers.

The Division of Educational Psychology has issued some advice in response to the decision to close schools in the UK. Should be useful for parents and caregivers wherever you may be.

Read now

1.49pm - Thursday, March 19

It's a busy day in the headquarters of the Encephalitis Society. We are gearing up for remote working from Monday and have lots of jobs to do beforehand to ensure it runs smoothly. 

Even though the offices will not be open in the physical sense, it will be business as usual for the team. Our support team will be taking your calls and emails as normal and we are always here if you need anything else. We will still be operating our normal business hours which are 9am to 5pm, Mondays to Thursdays, and 9am to 4.20pm, on Fridays.

However, we may need to ask for patience around our support team as they may see an increase in demand. Generally, we aim to answer any enquiries within two to three working days and we will endeavour to continue to do so.

8.47am - Thursday, March 19

Professor Tom Solomon, our President, will be on Question Time this evening at 8pm.

11am - Wednesday, March 18

We have changed the dates for our Young Expert Residential Weekend at Hollowford Centre, Derbyshire. The weekend will now run from Friday, November 20, to Sunday, November 22.

This weekend is aimed at children and young people from the UK aged between 12 and 25-years-old. There will be lots of fun activities as well as some focus groups which will help us to better shape the services for young people.

Find out more

9am - Wednesday, March 18

A tweet from Professor Tom Solomon, President of the Encephalitis Society. 

7.08pm - Tuesday, March 17

The Encephalitis Society will be providing support and resources to people as best as we can during the weeks and months to come. You can contact us through the usual channels including online

4.10pm - Tuesday, March 17

The Encephalitis Society will be releasing a podcast on Friday, March 20, about Covid-19 and encephalitis.

Over the past week, you have submitted many questions about coronavirus which will be answered by our panel of experts, Dr Ava Easton, Professor Tom Solomon and Dr Lance Turtle.

Watch this space for further details.

11.37am - Tuesday, March 17

If you are self-isolating and are looking for something to do, why not visit our YouTube channel and watch some of our expert films on different aspects of encephalitis, previous events or personal experiences of encephalitis.

10am - Tuesday, March 17

Dr Benedict Michael and Dr Ava Easton put together a statement on Covid-19 and encephalitis on Tuesday, March 10. A good starting point for anyone who has an interest in Coronavirus and encephalitis. Read now