Please join us in congratulating Alan Barry who completed the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 8, in an amazing time of two hours, 54 minutes!

Alan was running in support of the Encephalitis Society as a thank you for our support when his little boy, Conor, fell ill with autoimmune encephalitis.

Alan said:

I remember vividly being on the high dependency brain ward at Great Ormond Street and having this rare condition explained to me. I was baffled by this sudden influx of information and was advised to call the Encephalitis Society for support.

That day, a gentleman by the name of Jon Ainley spent an hour and a half on the phone to me explaining what was happening and that we shouldn't yet give up hope.

From diagnosis right through to this day the Encephalitis Society have been helping our family through this traumatic event. From advice over the phone, to sending us information books on the illness and visiting Conor's school to explain the condition they have been invaluable in their help.

Thank you, Alan and well done on breaking the three hour mark in your marathon and hitting the qualifying time for the Boston Marathon!

To make a donation to Alan’s Virgin Giving page.

  • If you are interested in fundraising for the Encephalitis Society, please email [email protected] or call +44(0)1653 692583.