Agnes Mezosi, from Hungary, was not a photographer before she fell ill with encephalitis in 2010.

She picked up the camera as part of an art therapy programme, devised by herself.

Today, she has exhibited her work in New York, Chicago and Miami – with travel sponsorship coming from her home town of Magyarorszag - and showcases her work on her Instagram account and website.

She was also a finalist in our 2016 World Encephalitis Day competition.

Agnes Mezosi

 Agnes said:

 I fell ill with viral encephalitis towards the end of 2010. In Hungary, there is not much – if any - aftercare for the condition. Therefore, it took about nine months before I felt completely well. I was very lucky because, today, ‘only’ headaches and fatigue remain. I started taking photos after the illness – and sewed and made jewellery. I believe I applied art therapy to myself. I did not know that this was the name of this type of rehabilitation until much later.I started shooting in 2013 and I am self-taught. I have submitted my photographs to the Hungarian Association of Photographers and have participated in a number of exhibitions.

She added:

If encephalitis had not happened to me, I would not be where I am now. After I fell ill, I realised that I must do it all myself and FOR myself and my dreams because I haven't got time to wait for something or someone to come along. 

 See more of Agnes' photographs on her Instagram page or her website