Merci. Arigato. Gracias. Kamsahamnida. Xie xie. Danke. Salamat. Thank you!

There are a million ways to say thank you and we probably need to find a million more after everything you have done for us over the past 24 hours!

Thousands of you – and from so many different countries - downloaded #BrainWalk, went #RED4WED, held fundraisers, and bravely shared your stories with people unaware of encephalitis.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support of World Encephalitis Day 2018.

We are still on a complete high and yet – again - we feel humbled by what we have achieved together.

Here are just a few of our highlights from this year’s global awareness day.

114,858,479 – The number of steps taken in BrainWalk. Our original target was 52.8 million steps. So, you know, we smashed that!

#RED4WED – your photos have once again taken our breath away! Your enthusiasm, imagination and creativity shines through the pictures which are here and I hope they make you proud.

World Encephalitis Day 2018 - #RED4WED

We were on TV! Our Ambassador, Rebecca Adlington, shared her story with Sky Sunrise and we had more media coverage than ever before in daily national newspapers, here and overseas. Our radio broadcasts reached every corner of the UK and we were heard across the USA and xxx too.

We estimate we had around 50 television and radio interviews, news articles and online features about World Encephalitis Day in total.

World Encephalitis Day 2018 has been the biggest ever and it’s all down to you. We are still crunching the numbers but we can comfortably say we have reached over 40 million people (full details to come). It just goes to show what we can all achieve when we work together!

Thank you for your passion, enthusiasm and support. Thank you also for your donations - we only exist because of your generosity and appreciate every single £ or $ you donate to us. If you’d like to support our work and other people affected by encephalitis, please make a donation.