Dr Benedict Michael MBChB (Hons), MRCP, PhD

I currently work at the Center for Immune and Inflammatory Disease, Massachusetts General Hospital and am an Honorary Medical Lecturer at Harvard Medical School.

I obtained an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in 2008 and was awarded an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship in 2010. I obtained and NIHR Academic Clinical Lectureship in 2015, and was awarded an Academy of Medical Sciences grant and the British Medical Association Vera Down grant for Neuroscience in 2016. 

I completed a PhD on the neuroimmunological response in viral encephalitis. I trained in Medicine in Liverpool, and helped set up the NHS Northwest Neurological Infectious Diseases Research Network and Brain Infections UK (www.BrainInfectionsUK.org) and am a main author for the ABN/BIA National Encephalitis Guideline.

My research interests include: Neuro-immunological responses, particularly to infection, and the clinical management of central nervous system infections.

I am Vice Chair of the Encephalitis Society's Scientific Advisory Panel and work closely with the Meningitis Research Foundation, the International Encephalitis Working Group and the National Patient Safety Agency to promote public and patient involvement in research and clinical practice development. 

I run the NeuroPACES course, assist in co-ordinating the NeuroID course, and lead the development of the NeuroAccess programme to improve neurological education in two sites in sub-Saharan Africa, featured in the Lancet Neurology.