Team Encephalitis Awareness Volunteer Role Profile

Summary of this role

To provide support to Communication and Fundraising Services of The Encephalitis Society.

Description of tasks

  • To complete the training programme delivered by The Encephalitis Society
  • To build knowledge of the Society’s history, activities and services
  • To source appropriate opportunities for raising awareness of encephalitis and The Encephalitis Society
  • To take part in The Society’s awareness events such as WED
  • To organise and conduct awareness activities including talks, presentations, interviews and other media involvement
  • To support our fundraisers at various fundraising activities
  • To feedback and report details of their activities to The Encephalitis Society on a regular basis

Please note that the Awareness Volunteer role does not allow you to give medical or other specialist information or counselling! Dealing with press, media and PR are only permitted with a prior agreement from The Society.

Length of commitment: To be assessed on yearly basis

Estimated total hours: Flexible, depending on individual commitments and Society’s agenda, but an estimate of five hours a month are expected.

Project overall responsibility: Director of Operations

Day-to-day management: Communications Coordinator

Place of volunteering: Various community locations and occasionally, home based

Qualities/skills sought:

  • Good communication, presentation and people skills
  • Attention to detail
  • A good understanding of encephalitis and its implications
  • Willingness to develop through training
  • Willingness to attend various events

Benefits to the volunteer:

  • Personal development
  • Recognition of their contribution to The Society
  • Reasonable expenses paid
  • Increased likelihood of gaining paid work from voluntary experience
  • Regular training, updates and supervision from The Encephalitis Society
  • Feel that you are part of a team
  • Possibility to make a difference in somebody’s life


     For further information or to request an application form please contact: Laura Bowditch

     Volunteer Coordinator

     Tel: +44(0) 1653 692583

     Email: [email protected]