Encephalitis Information Week in Australia and New Zealand is aimed at medical and health professionals and helping them to discover more about encephalitis, the latest in research, as well as resources which may be useful for the recovery and rehabilitation of their patients. 

Information for health professionals

Encephalitis: A guide for General Practitioners

  • The guide aims to support family doctors by providing evidence-based and up-to-date information to help with recognising and managing the acute symptoms and after-effects of encephalitis and acquired brain injury.

Management of Suspected Viral Encephalitis Guidelines. Professional Guidelines

  • Information for health professionals about viral encephalitis in children and adults

Autoimmune encephalitis: clinical spectrum and management

  • An open access research paper from the Oxford Autoimmune Neurology Group focusing on practical aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune encephalitis, including clinical experiences of managing such cases. Published October, 2021.

Advances in Encephalitis - Research Summary

  • Summaries of encephalitis research papers, including 2020.

How to perform a lumbar puncture

  • Dr Benedict Michael explains how to perform a lumbar puncture (LP) or spinal tap. 

Professional Membership

  • Become a free professional member of the Encephalitis Society to access a wide range of benefits, including priority booking to the annual Encephalitis Conference, support for research projects, your patients and families, and access to the latest information from leading professionals.

Covid-19 and encephalitis

What does the COVID-19 vaccine mean for people who have been affected by encephalitis? Our COVID-19 homepage has information about coronavirus and encephalitis, including a Vaccination Statement from our Scientific Advisory Panel, details of COVID-19 research papers, and surveillance programmes being carried out by researchers.

Information for Teachers

Returning to School after Encephalitis

  • Information for school staff to help the social and educational reintegration of children.

Information to share with patients and families

All our information is available for download. Hard copies can also be ordered for free from our shop. Postage and packaging costs may apply. Our support team are always happy to answer any questions from health professionals or their patients.

Encephalitis in Adults. A Guide

  • Explains symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and after-effects of encephalitis, guidelines for recovery and rehabilitation.

Encephalitis: After-effects, Recovery and Rehabilitation

  • Information about the types of issues that people may have after encephalitis, advice about rehabilitation and support, and options for self-help.

Encephalitis in Children - A Guide

  • Our guide follows the child and their family's journey from hospital ward to rehabilitation settings, school and home.

Information for Carers and Family

  • Guides and factsheets that explore the challenge of caring and dealing with bereavement

Meet other people affected by encephalitis

  • Includes information about our Connection Scheme, Encephalitis Support Forum, and virtual gatherings


  • Our collection of factsheets look at different aspects of encephalitis, from spending time in hospital, through to fatigue, and driving after encephalitis. All our factsheets can be dowloaded.


  • We have put together a series of short animated videos which look at diagnosis, causes, symptoms, recovery and more.


Problems in hospital

Discharge from hospital

Death from encephalitis

Recovery and rehabilitation

Guidelines for Recovery

Professionals involved in recovery

Rehabilitation after encephalitis

Life after encephalitis

Anger after encephalitis

Depression after encephalitis

Fatigue after encephalitis

Memory problems after encephalitis

Social consequences of encephalitis

Emotional and behavioural changes

Patient Stories

Our collection of written and filmed stories can help patients and family members to better understand life after encephalitis. See more

Claudia, from Melbourne, was an active 20-year-old university graduate when she was affected by post-infectious autoimmune encephalitis.

For Brain Injury Awareness Week, Synapse recorded a conversation with Corinna Melville, Rachael Schwarz, Veronique Theberge and Karen Tighe from across Australia and New Zealand where they shared their intimate experiences of what it is like to survive encephalitis.

Blog - Veronique, a blogger from New Zealand, shares her experiences of encephalitis recovery and rehabilitation. Read now 

Useful organisations in Australia and New Zealand

If you would like your organisation added, please get in touch with the Encephalitis Society.


Synapse - Australia's Brain Injury Organisation

Brain Foundation - The Brain Foundation and its division Migraine & Headache Australia funds for research into brain diseases

Australian Psychological Society 

The Australia and New Zealand Child Neurology Society (ANZCNS) 

Australasian Neuroscience Institute

Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists

Sydney Neurology

New Zealand

Epilepsy New Zealand - Providing information, support and awareness of epilepsy

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