What do you do at the charity?

I am the Director of Services. I am responsible for developing, delivering and managing the charity’s global support services, the Society’s research portfolio and professional events such as Encephalitis Conference and webinars.

Why do you like working here?

I have been working for the Society for many years and been involved in most of the Society's activities. I got to know, and felt very privileged to be able to do this, so many wonderful and inspiring people. The fact that I can help them in some ways makes me love working for the Society. I have also been working over these years with the most kind, caring, passionate and friendly people which makes working here so good. 

Tell us something about yourself

I like reading. Not much a sporty person, but I do get out for walks, only if it isn't poring down with rain :) 

What difference does the Encephalitis Society make in your opinion?

The Society changes people lives for better and it makes things happen.