Aliki is an amazing soprano singer who inspired all of us with the story of her amazing recovery from encephalitis and her journey to become a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent.

The overwhelming support that Aliki has received from our members has already shown us what a great is and we thoroughly enjoy working with her. 

Aliki said:

It was like being trapped in a bubble looking at myself from outside in and there was nothing I could do ...but to keep on believing...I am so honoured to have been made Ambassador as  I will be here to remind everyone that we all have an angel sitting on our shoulder looking after us, and will make everything better. I am blessed that through my singing I have been given the opportunity to help raise awareness to everyone out there and give a hand in need to all of the people who are going through this terrible brain disease.

Aliki's latest CD, Reflections, is also available from our online shop.

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