The Lancet Summit

The Lancet Summit: Inflammation and Immunity in Disorders of the Brain and Mind in Barcelona, Spain, on November 15-17, 2018, will bring together neurologists and psychiatrists to discuss recent, ongoing, and future research in the developing field of neuroimmunological diseaseRead more

Encephalitis Research Engagement Day 2018

It is a chance to hear the research team demystify what goes on in their lab, and to offer perspectives on being involved in research.Read more

My Brain and Medicine 2019

Join the Encephalitis Society when we return to the Royal Society of Medicine on April 29, 2019, for My Brain and Medicine. There will be talks by professionals working in the field of encephalitis and people who have been directly affected by encephalitis. Read more

My Brain: My Story 2019

Join us in Liverpool for a special opportunity to hear and share the real-life stories of encephalitisRead more