Click Clinica

Click Clinica is a new app that is helping to revolutionise the way that medicine is practiced by addressing both the problems of limited guideline availability and poor disease surveillance. The app includes guidance on Encephalitis, Malaria, Measles, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Pyelonephritis, Rabies and much more! Read more

Consultancy work

The Encephalitis Society can offer a bespoke Consultancy Service to professionals, organisations or communities providing services for those affected by encephalitis and its consequences. Read more

NeuroID learning

Neurological Infectious Diseases Elearning modules are aimed at medics of all grades, from undergraduate students to consultants and senior academics. Read more

Training for Professionals

We provide tailor-made training packages for health, education an social care professionals who want to learn more about encephalitis. Read more