Encephalitis in children - A guide

The Encephalitis in children. A guide follows the child and their family's journey from hospital ward to rehabilitation settings, school and home, hoping to direct them through the maze of health care, education and social care. Read more

Encephalitis in children. E-learning

The e-learning programme aims to improve the knowledge about encephalitis and its consequences to parents/guardians and their children. It also provides advice and practical strategies in order to develop copings skills and enhance their recovery. Read more


We produce factsheets on various topics from symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and types of encephalitis to effects, recovery and rehabilitation. Read more

Gilley the Giraffe

Gilley is the star of our children's storybook "Gilley the Giraffe . . . who changed". Read more

Medikidz explain encephalitis

This is a comic book aimed at children in primary school which explains in their language what happens when somebody has encephalitis. The main characters are the Medikidz, the superheroes who live on Mediland. Read more