Working with our colleagues, The University of Oxford would like to interview people who meet the following criteria. 

  • Have had an infectious (not autoimmune) encephalitis.
  • Were over the age of 40 at the time they became ill.

Colleagues at Oxford have been working with survivors of some types of autoimmune encephalitis and now we need to speak with people who’s encephalitis was not caused by their immune system, but by infection.  This can help us work out whether some of the problems they have after encephalitis are specific to their type of encephalitis or whether they are the same in all types of encephalitis.

The main aims of the research will be to understand some cognitive, social and psychological outcomes in people.

So if you have had an infectious type of encephalitis and you were over the age of 40 when you became ill, please email [email protected] and tell us:

• What type of encephalitis you had.

• The age you were ill.

• The age you are now.

• Your gender (male/female).

• Your contact email and telephone number.