Adults can be vaccinated if they haven’t been fully vaccinated before, with at least one dose. If you are not sure about your vaccination status, it is safe to get another measles vaccine. (1) (2)

CDC (in the USA) and NHS (in the UK) state that two doses of MMR vaccine are recommended for adults at higher risk, including: 

  • College or University (or similar level) students
  • Those who work in a healthcare setting
  • International travellers or those who are passengers on a cruise ship
  • Women of childbearing age (1) (2) 

The vaccine is not recommended in:

  • Pregnant women. You should also avoid becoming pregnant for one month after having the MMR vaccine.
  • People with a severe weakened immune system (those receiving chemotherapy). Those with a condition or taking immunotherapies, need to consult with their doctor. (2)

If you have had a confirmed anaphylactic reaction to gelatine or neomycin, you should speak to your doctor. (2)