"Leanne’s husband survived encephalitis in 2013, resulting in significant memory impairment. Leanne’s work explores wider concepts but at the heart is the experience of sudden-onset illness and the ensuing recovery. In particular Leanne draws upon the wild animals who her husband described were guiding him through his illness and back to her.  Those who share Leanne’s experiences cannot fail to connect with Lightning and Tracheotomy - the cavernous feelings when you don’t know if the person you love is going to live or die, or whether you will ever hear their voice again.  Leanne’s poetry was like a synaesthesia for me but instead of numbers creating colours her words created complex tableaux in my mind. The richness of her words demanded to be read aloud and following the short time it took me to read her work I emerged refreshed as if having experienced a meditation of sorts." 

                                                                                                               Dr Ava Easton, Encephalitis Society