Following its completion of a 160 page analysis on encephalitis around the world the Encephalitis Society is pleased to announce that it has presented the report to the World Health Organization to begin discussions addressing global policy, implementation considerations, and the research agenda for Encephalitis.

Dr Tarun Dua, Head of Brain Health at the World Health Organization said:

The World Health Organization is developing a new global action plan on epilepsy and other neurological disorders that will provide a comprehensive approach to addressing the burden due to neurological conditions including from encephalitis. Therefore we are delighted to receive and discuss this report with the Encephalitis Society.

 Dr Ava Easton, Chief Executive of the Encephalitis Society, said:

We are very grateful to our colleagues at the World Health Organization for agreeing to meet with us and discuss our report which offers a comprehensive look at the impact of encephalitis around the globe. By working together, I am confident we can take a leap forward in encephalitis prevention and providing better outcomes for individuals and families affected by this often devastating neurological condition.

An executive summary of the report - Encephalitis: an in-depth review and gap analysis of key variables affecting global disease burden - will be available to read in the near future.

It identifies global issues surrounding encephalitis and proposes a range of solutions, ranging from epidemiology, incidence, and economic impacts through to prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and the needs of patients and families.

The report has been authored by Dr Julia Granerod, Alina Ellerington, Dr Nicholas Davies, Dr Benedict Michael, Professor Tom Solomon CBE, and Dr Ava Easton.